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If anyone was holding out hope for a North American Free Trade deal in 2018, Gregg Doud has dumped a large bucket of cold water on that idea. Doud, chief agricultural trade negotiator for the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, shared an update on NAFTA May 22 while speaking at a Farm Foundation forum […] Read more

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5/24/2018 3:27:44 PM

Real-time 24/7 NPK data from the field can help fine-tune your fertility program. Wireless soil sensors relay critical information you can use to reduce waste and boost yields. The Teralytic probe is a metre-long, battery-powered device a farmer shoves into the earth. The shaft contains 26 sensors that measure localized subterranean moisture, salinity, nitrate, potassium, […] Read more

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5/24/2018 3:26:26 PM

Tillage technology continues to evolve as farmers move toward precisely controlled cultivation. That process took another step forward when Kinze introduced four new devices, spotlighting hybrid horizontal tillage. Vertical tillage was the big buzzword in field preparation a decade ago. Although most manufacturers still build vertical tillage machines, hybrid horizontal tillage is the latest step […] Read more

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5/24/2018 3:25:49 PM

Global corn stocks are finally starting to tighten up, says an analyst. The U.S. Department of Agriculture forecasts 159 million tonnes of world ending stocks by the end of 2018-19. That is a 53-day supply of the crop. “That’s getting pretty tight in the year ahead,” Arlan Suderman, chief commodities economist with INTL FCStone, said […] Read more

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5/24/2018 3:24:27 PM

It’s easy to jump to conclusions when looking at charts. It’s easy to do. They are visual and you can find patterns without much work. But it can also be dangerous if seeing patterns causes you to make decisions too quickly. What you’re seeing might not actually be there, at least not in a real-world […] Read more

The post Assessing market strength requires diverse study appeared first on The Western Producer.

5/24/2018 3:23:17 PM

The public conversation around glyphosate is all flowing in one direction. A cluster of environmental campaigners, organic food activists and crusading scientists are dominating the discussion around the controversial herbicide. Over the last few weeks, groups like the Organic Consumers Association and Beyond Pesticides have blitzed the North American media with news releases and social […] Read more

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5/24/2018 3:21:38 PM

The fate of the North American Free Trade Agreement could very well become the central issue in the 2019 federal election campaign. Trade officials from Canada, Mexico and the United States failed to resolve an ongoing impasse at the negotiating table in time to present Congress with an agreement by May 17 — a deadline set […] Read more

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5/24/2018 3:20:31 PM

BRANDON — Martin Reichelt, a.k.a. Doctor Harvest, is an engineer who specializes in fine-tuning combines. Although he lives in Germany, he travels to Canada whenever his list of patients merits. Reichelt was at Manitoba AgDays this winter, working with the BushelPlus company at its display. “I make the trip to Canada a couple times a […] Read more

The post Dr. Harvest makes field calls to solve harvesting problems appeared first on The Western Producer.

5/24/2018 2:58:32 PM

Your canola is just beginning to flower. Conditions for sclerotinia have been marginal. Do you spray or not spray? Or wait to see and maybe miss the window altogether? There are several factors to consider: It’s input money down the tube if you worry yourself into spraying when you don’t need to. It means less […] Read more

The post Spray canola? Not spray canola? Consider key factors appeared first on The Western Producer.

5/24/2018 2:58:22 PM

Waiting two weeks for soil sample results sometimes just isn’t good enough, especially if you’re a producer, agronomist or researcher troubleshooting an elusive problem like salinity. There are times when immediate on-site soil test results can be irreplaceable in solving these problems. That’s the opinion of most researchers, including David Weindorf of the plant and […] Read more

The post The 60-second soil test is here — finally appeared first on The Western Producer.

5/24/2018 2:58:17 PM

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